Advantages of TENCEL® fabric:

  • Very delicate, soft and light material due to the uniformly smooth surface of the fibre.
    Thermo regulating – shall cool you during hot summers and keep you warm during winters.
    Caring and comfortable – shall not stick to the skin, make you sweat or electrify.
    Sensitive – does not cause irritation: suitable for sensitive and child’s skin.
    Absorbs moisture – unique moisture conduction properties regulating responding to fluctuations in body moisture, improves skin and overall health.
    Nature friendly – the fabric is made with the use of eucalyptus wood pulp and it is entirely hygienic – hinders formation of bacteria.
    Durable – easy to use and quick drying.


  • The bed linen may wash by hand or in washing machine. Tencel bedding, bed linen care, eucalyptus bed linen, bed linen, washing the bed linen care.
    It is recommended to wash it in cool water and using lighter detergents.
    The bed linen may be washed in a washing machine on a delicate mode at a temperature of 30–40 °C using suitable detergents, max. 400 rpm. During the first washing a shrinkage of up to 3% is to be expected, but afterwards no further shrinkage shall take place and the product shall retain its shape.
    Bed linen, robe,nightwear, carpet made with TENCEL® satin naturally dries quickly thus it is not recommended to dry it in a dryer. Don’t use centrifuge!
    Recommended to iron in a light and delicate mode in “Silk” programme.
    It is not permitted to bleach product.

Bed linen

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