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Our team at ZIGZAG FACTORY shall happily answer any questions that you may have. Please  find a summary of most frequently received queries here, however, if the answer you were looking for is not here, please write to us.

How to select the size of the bed linen correctly?

Upon selecting sizes of bed linen, it is not necessary to select a larger size only for easier fitting of a slip cover or to ensure that is fits comfortably around your duvet. Select the exact size that you need. We have taken care of that already, a extra cm shall be added to the sizes of your slipcovers and pillow cases, so they would look good and be easy to use.

Aren’t the seams uncomfortable during sleep?

The bed linen design of ZIGAG FACTORY is made only up to the top of the slipcover and pillow case. The underside of the slipcover and pillow case as well as the blanket is made in one piece coloured fabric without design, in order to allow you to enjoy the benefits of tencel fabric.

How long do I have to wait before the set is delivered?

Order for bed linen are passed on to processing and delivery within a maximum four business days after receipt of the payment. Delivery is provided by the courier service  Express Mail Service (EMS), in the countries of Europe delivery will be completed – within three to five business days after the item being sent for dispatch.

Design tool does not allow me to make the design I want, the accessories that I want are missing. What to do?

ZIGZAG FACTORY is open to the wildest of ideas, thus please get in touch with us and tell us about the wishes you are unable to implement with the use of our design tool. We are sure that we can come to an agreement of when and how your ideas may be brought to life.

How is the price determined for bed linen made by ZIGZAG FACTORY?

Each component available in the design tool has its basic price that corresponds the selected size. Additional cost is generated by the created fabric seams between fabrics of two different colour. Sewing of seams cost 0.02 EUR per cm. Additional cost also may be created by the selected design accessories and the number of.

All prices are indicated in Euro (EUR) and inclusive all tax provided in application legislation.